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This manual describes the features included in Mbook. Mbook is an Electronic Notebook (ELN) that will help you to enter, archive, search and report your chemical experiments and reactions, including analytical, spectroscopic and other types of data.

Different levels of users: Project Manager, Group Manager, Bench Chemist and more

Input any type of information related to your chemistry: graphical representation of a reaction, stoichiometric calculations, experimental write-up, purification procedures, spectroscopic characterization, analytical data, physical, chemical, biological, and pharmacological properties, health and safety information, literature/bibliographical documents and more

Chemical structures, numerical data, text, images, spectroscopic data, binary files, etc.

Its own large editable database of typical chemical reagents, with relevant physical and chemical properties to facilitate the setup of your reactions or experiments

Its own, optimized chemical structure drawing package

Communications within your organization (user to user, user to groups, etc.)

Powerful and fast structure and text-based searches

Interfacing with external databases to search for relevant information and properties

User-tailored reporting

Cloning of experiments and easy modification of pre-existing structures/information